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22, introvert with internet.
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Johanna Mason
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Cook and firefighter’s holiday
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Artist: めれんげ
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Mew | Ken Sugimori
So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide.


Hey everyone, it’s been too long since you’ve watched this. I don’t care when you last watched it. Unless you’re literally watching it while you read this, it has been too long since you’ve watched it.

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Oh Courtney with her humongous crush on Ginger and her charmingly overwhelming averageness

Even as a little (queer) child, I picked up on the subtext that Courtney totes had a crush on Ginger. She always went waaaaay out of her way to include her in things, even though Courtney is generally not a person who goes out of her way for anything. She wasn’t just trying to be inclusive to be nice, because again, she wasn’t that type of person. She just had some kind of fucking adorable fixation with Ginger, which I absolutely read as a crush… so cute!!! I was a frizzy readheaded little kid with an overbite, and I’m like “I wish a fancy princess girl would randomly fall in love with meee!” haha

the show just became like 30x cuter
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nothing really mattress

to meow

"I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text"

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